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Crucial Equipment in Modern Home Bars

A retail store that sells beer, spirits, whiskeys, wines and other alcoholic beverages and also non-alcoholic beverages such as water and sodas are known as a bar. Modern bars also provide entertainment. Night clubs are the bars that have entertainment facilities. Nowadays, bars have disc jockeys who play recorded music by the use of special instruments such as the amplifiers.

Patrons are the people who serve people in a bar. Nowadays, there are bars in homes. People establish this bar in special rooms inside the house. They have chairs and tables which are used by the visitors when they are taking different beverages. Pool tables and dirt can also be found in modern home bars. Below are the features of quality home bars.

Shakers are crucial in a modern home bar. Cylinders where fluids can be shaken and mixed are known as shakers. Bar shakers come in two varieties; the Boston shakers and the traditional shakers. Traditional shakers are also known as the cocktail shakers. A cocktail shaker is used to mix beverages by shaking. Best cocktail shakers have a tight-fitting top to cover the container. A normal Boston shaker has a large cylinder and a small mixing glass. A quality home bar should possess both traditional and Boston shakers.

Ice, ice storage and crushing tools should be available in all home bars. Water which is in the solid state is known as ice. Ice is essential in the cooling of drinks hence crushers, scoops, ice buckets and tong are crucial. Electric powered ice crushing devices, muddlers and shakers are used in squeezing ice. Ice is used in the making of quality cocktails. There are different forms of ice; block ice, ice ball, cracked ice and ice cubes.

A quality home bar should have muddlers. A muddler is a thick stick made of wood, stainless steel or plastic that is employed that is used in crushing different ingredients. A good muddler should be thick so as to penetrate hard fruits and avoid breakage. Muddling is crucial coming up with Mojitos, Juleps and Caipirinhas.

A good home bar should have strainers. Strainers are of two types; Julep and the Hawthorne strainers. In order to separate solid commodities from cocktails that are made by shaking and stirring, a strainer is needed. Stainless steel is used in the making of quality strainers.

A good home bar should have a bar spoon. A long rod used in the scoping commodities from the bottom of tall glasses are known as bar spoons. So as to stir beverages and remove cherries, a bar spoon is used.

These are the essential home bar tools and equipment.

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