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Understanding ADHD

Most adults today spent their lives hurrying. Balancing life and work can be tricky but manageable. Sometimes however, you may notice that you are always late, distracted, forgetful or even overwhelmed by daily responsibilities this may be a sign that you have ADH.

ADHD or attention deficit disorder (ADD) affects many adults. It has various symptoms that may hinder you from having a normal relationship or pursuing your career. Therefore, it becomes really important to learn the symptoms of ADH in children as well as in adults and know ways in which the condition can be treated.

Children are most prone to having ADHD. This is because ADHD symptoms start to show during the early years of a child. Further to this, once one has been diagnosed with ADHD symptoms as a child, they are most likely to carry this traits into future as adults. This is not to say that as an adult you cannot be diagnosed with this condition even if you were not diagnosed with it in future. This is because there are many cases of this condition that were not yet recognized in children.

In the past, only a few people knew about this condition and its symptoms and therefore explaining why most adults are being diagnosed with it now. It was common in those situations where a child had ADHD to be called names because he was seen as a trouble maker and lazy as many people did not understand it.

Symptoms Of ADHD
One of the common symptoms of ADHD is the difficulty of a person to concentrate and stay focused. Further to having difficulty concentrating, a patient is also unable to focus on one thing. Other symptoms of ADHD condition includes being unable to stick to one activity at a time as well as being easily bored and distracted.

Hyperfocusing may be the other symptom of this condition. You may find it difficult to focus on a task that you find uninteresting but you also have the tendency to be absorbed on an activity that you find stimulating and rewarding. When they hyperfocus, they do so to tune out distraction and chaos that may happen. It can work to your advantage if you channel it into productive activities. When this is not controlled, the relationship with other people is affected.

Treatment for Adult ADHD
To deal with personal baggage such as embarrassment and self-esteem issues, individual therapy talks may be very helpful. Talking about ADHD symptoms and treatment with spouses and family may help mend some of the broken relationships in one’s life and so therapy is important to the whole family at large.

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