A Brief History of the WWE

WWE is the name of the wrestling promotion organization formerly known as the World Wrestling Federation, or WWF. While the company is primarily associated with professional wrestling, its business also includes music, video games, film, and product sales. The following are a few of the highlights in the history of the WWE.


The earliest version of the company now known as the WWE was started in the 1950s by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt, and it was named the Capitol Wrestling Corporation. In 1963, the owners formed a new company called the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF), and the name was changed to the World Wrestling Federation, or WWF, in 1979.

Titan Sports

In the same year, Jess McMahon’s grandson Vincent formed the company Titan Sports and took control of the WWF. It was Vincent McMahon’s ambition to expand the company and make it the top wrestling promoter in the country. One of his approaches was to consolidate the many regional wrestling organizations under a single umbrella.

The 1980s

One of McMahon’s achievements was to hire famous wrestlers who had a following outside of the wrestling business. The biggest name he brought on board with the WWF was Hulk Hogan, who was also known for appearing in one of the Rocky films. Other famous wrestlers that helped to boost the renown of the WWF included Jimmy Snuka, the Iron Sheik, and JunkyardDog. The 1980s also saw the birth of Wrestlemania, which has since become known as the Superbowl of wrestling.

The 1990s

This decade was marked primarily by the rivalry between the WWF and World Championship Wrestling, or the WCW. Both organizations had competing cable shows, which became known as the “Monday Night Wars.” The WWF’s Monday Night Raw competed for ratings with the WCW’s Nitro. It was during the 1990s that Stone Cold Steve Austin became the face of the WWF.


The WWF changed its name to World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002, and it is now known only as the WWE. Its major events include WWE: Smackdown, WWE: Live, and WWE: NXT Live. These events draw millions of viewers, both live and via cable broadcasting. Check out this site for More information about tickets to WWE events.